They report that family members of patient who died by Covid-19 assaulted the medical staff


Let me go!, Oh police, police! Are some screams that are heard in a video that health personnel at the General Hospital of Zone 48, the IMSS, San Pedro Xalpa, Azcapotzalco, recorded when family members of a patient who died by Covid-19 attempted to enter the area where they remained isolated.

The video was circulated on different social networks, but stressed the allegations he made to a nurse who was attacked in the medical unit in which he recounts that four men and two women beat him because his family died from the new coronavirus, accompanied his complaint with a picture of your face, that shows scratches.

“Since Monday not see it because it is isolated and for the same reason the patient has a protocol to follow, not delivery so you don’t have time to fire him, is not like any other deceased must be cremated, not what you’ll see if you die inside of a hospital! this is waiting for us?(sic)”.

Hours later, the nurse apologized and said that her first publication was a result of the impotence and frustration at only being able to cover your head so as not to receive more hits by the family of the claimant, they demanded that the Institute improve the security protocols.

“Today before you sleep with the face swollen, the marks of the scratches,lower back, with excruciating pain, I realize that my case may be an example of the stress and anxiety of the covid can lead to incredible chaos and that the safety of the IMSS is not enough for what is to come”.

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Also on twitter, a doctor showed his disagreement by aggression received and regretted that the society does not take seriously the epidemic coronavirus. “In the HGZ#48 of the health personnel suffer the consequences of people not taking things seriously and most of them tell you not to come out of their houses to ignore in general the measures of caution and think that the covid is an invention”.

In their publication reported that the patient was isolated and only had access to him, health personnel, but when they informed the family about the death, was attacked by the guard of surveillance and entered two women with four men.

“Apparently one of them came armed, they beat two police officers surveillance and demanded to see his family insulting and terrifying the staff, sadly, one of my fellow nurses was attacked, leaving him injured and a doctor threatened with death, had to intervene to outside police, da impotence at not being able to do anything because it may go counterproductive, we can only hope that the authorities do their jobs.”

Requested position of the Institute, much of the aggression of health staff, the protocols that must be followed before a death by Covid-19, but at the moment there has been no response.

Guidelines to treat corpses with Covid-19 does not prohibit access to family

According to the document “Guide to management of dead bodies Covid-19” published by the Secretariat of Health federalat all times you should respect the people who have lost a loved one.

“You should not tolerate any attitude that discriminates against or stigmatise the deceased and their family, friends or contacts derived from the diagnosis. There support teams of the mental health team or tanatológico, you should seek help for the management of the mourners”.

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In the first place indicates that to death by the new coronavirus, the health staff must comply with the principles of precaution and human dignity. “All personnel involved in the handling, transfer and disposal of the bodies should meet the standards of biosecurity and the use of personal protective equipment”.

The guidelines indicate that before transfer to the morgue, it is possible that access be given to the closest family members, who are required to use contact precautions and droplet, as well as the recommendation not to make physical contact with the corpse, or with surfaces that may be contaminated.

“The corpse must be entered in a bag to shuttle to cadaver biodegradable, which meets the technical characteristics of sanitary resistance to the pressure of the gases in its interior. The introduction in the bag should be done within the room itself. Once the carcass is properly packaged, it is recommended that the disinfection outside of the bag with hypochlorite solution”.

The final disposition of the corpse, quote the text, it will be as soon as possible, preferably by cremation; this is not possible, they perform the burial in the burial or vault. If the final destination is a burial this is given in the usual conditions. The ashes may be subject to manipulation without involving any risk.

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