They reveal the state of Luis Miguel’s health after being hospitalized

After arriving in Chile and being hospitalized urgently, Luis Miguel’s true diagnosis was revealed.

Background: On tour!Luis Miguel hospitalized urgently

Starting this week, followers Luis Miguel They were surprised by news of emergency hospitalization upon arrival in Chile.

The Mexican singer-songwriter was moved to a nursing home after suffering from severe flu, reporters reported Cecilia Gutierrezleaving fans in a panic “Mexican Sun” With the message.

However, in the past few hours it has been revealed that the celebrity will have to be evaluated again and what has now been revealed true diagnosis you received.

Luis Miguel suffered health complications upon his arrival in Chile.  (Photo: Infobae)

Luis Miguel suffered health complications upon his arrival in Chile. (Photo: Infobae)

It was the same reporter who confirmed that the singer visited the clinic Earls to Chile for a series of aches and fevers that he and his girlfriend had been experiencing, pigeon hole.

in their stories InstagramGutierrez revealed that on Wednesday, August 23, Luis Miguel underwent a check-up Examined and diagnosed with bronchitis (inflammation of the airways).

“There he underwent a chest scan. Shockingly, not only did he have a cold or a fever, And his partner (Paloma Cuevas). Together they went to the clinic (…).The diagnosis showed In the end he got bronchitis‘ declared the correspondent.

Finally, Gutierrez assured the interpreter that “Until You Forget Me” He was already being treated with corticosteroids from the “make him sing” steroids.

see his scheduled concerts as part of his Tour in 2023Since then, the Luismi team has not indicated any cancellations. They even kept quiet about their own health.

(Photo: screenshot)

(Photo: screenshot)

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