They reveal the treatment Luis Miguel received

The “Mexican Sun” has had health issues at every show he has played at the Movista Arena in San Diego.

Luis Miguel performed his third show this Wednesday at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, And tonight he will have a new presentation in front of his fans and fans.

The “Mexican Sun” knows how to live up to the public’s expectations, but at each of his appearances, he has shown health problems, mainly a cough that is noticeable on stage.

So it’s natural to wonder, how long is this going to last? Luis Miguel has six consecutive Movistar appearances left, the Mexican making a huge sacrifice for the day-to-day resistance, He couldn’t have done that without the help of a meticulous treatment with corticosteroids.

Luis Miguel taken to emergency room upon arrival in Chile

Sector reporter Cecilia Gutiérrez details the Mexican Sol experience. «The diagnosis was that he had bronchitis. He is being treated with corticosteroids to allow him to sing, which would not have been possible otherwise,” the correspondent said on her Instagram account.

Luis Miguel and his diagnosis

he further added “Not only did he suffer from bronchitis brought from Argentina. In addition, Paloma and he were not in good health, they assured the clinic that they were staying in a hotel in Argentina, They cleaned it with the liquid that caused the reaction. This was the case of Luis Miguel, whose diagnosis was bronchitis.

Regarding the emergency the singer experienced over the weekend, which required urgent medical treatment upon his arrival in Chile, Gutierrez said: «Luis Miguel actually went to the emergency room of the Las Condes clinic over the weekend because he was not feeling well. He had body aches, chest pains, sore throat and fever.

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