They reveal the truth behind the mysterious “cabin” discovered on the far side of the Moon

A little over a month ago, the Chinese rover Yutu-2 detected a mysterious cube-shaped shadow on the far side of the Moon. At that time, doubts about the object were raised with a hut-like silhouette which was 80 meters from the vehicle. However, in recent days, the authorities in charge of the investigation put an end to the enigma and revealed the truth behind the intriguing image.

Through Twitter, a series of panoramic photographs that were captured by the China Space Agency and with which he cleared up an unknown that many had already begun to turn into a fantasy. The Yutu-2 astromobile managed to get within 10 meters of the curious figure I had identified at the beginning of December and get clearer, full-color images in the Von Kármán crater.

From this record, the researchers concluded that the object is nothing more than a giant rock that stands out from the rest. This was confirmed Andrew Jones, journalist from SpaceNews, a site specializing in China’s space industry, who said that the rover’s driving team traveled a large portion of the lunar terrain in a relatively short time in order to obtain more accurate data.

The route of the rover to get to the point where the rock is
The route of the rover to get to the point where the rock isTwitter

In addition, he said that while this will mean “a monumental disappointment for some“, it’s known that the surface of the Moon has 38 million square kilometers of rocks, so it would have been exceptional if it were any other element. Astronomy fans around the world had been deluded that this image was a house or, failing that, “an obelisk” on the Earth’s satellite.

The new image was taken on day 37 of the lunar cycle and Jones explained that in the next two or three lunar days the rover will get even closer to check it. A day on the Moon is equivalent to 14 on our planet, the same as one night. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming weeks there will be new news on this subject. The reason why it takes so long to access the place is that the vehicle must stop when the Sun shines on it, that is, directly from above, as it would dangerously heat the ship. In addition, the astromobile moves to very low speed on uneven terrain, full of craters and debris.

One of the images of the rover 10 meters away
One of the images of the rover 10 meters awayTwitter

The Yutu-2 was launched three years ago, more precisely on December 7, 2018. On January 3, 2019, it starred in the first moon landing made on the far side of the Moon, in Von Kármán, in the South Pole-Aitken basin. , where some studies are carried out.

A panoramic image of the mysterious object seen on the Moon
A panoramic image of the mysterious object seen on the MoonTwitter

The latest revelations come to rule out some of the most extreme hypotheses debated by the curious. One of them is that it was a mysterious cabin built by aliens after a forced landing. Although there were also those who were more rational and claimed that the object had nothing to do with the unknown.

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