They robbed Ansu Fati’s house

A group of thieves entered the house of Ansu Fati and ransacked the first floor of the residence located on the outskirts of Barcelona last Saturday, when the footballer was in the Camp Nou watching his team’s duel against Espanyol from the stands, for being injured.

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According to the information provided by the La Vanguardia site, although 10 del Barsa was not there, Yes there was part of his family, who heard strange noises in one of the upper sectors of the house before the alarm sounded and finished alerting them. Faced with this situation, those who were in the house called the police.

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The uniformed men who showed up at the residence found that corner of the residence turned upside down, with a lot of items and garments thrown on the ground, although they could not find the criminals who by that time had already left the place after taking with him various belongings of Ansu Fati and his family.

The 10th is injured, but he went to see his teammates.

The 10th is injured, but he went to see his teammates.

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According to the information provided by the same medium, the soccer player just appeared to make the complaint this Monday, almost 48 hours after the robbery. “The assailants forced one of the entrances with a lever and moved quietly and calmly through the rooms on the upper floor”, La Vanguardia brand on the event that happened in San Cugat, 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona.

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The data indicates that the 10 who took the shirt after Lionel messi left it vacant, he denounced that some valuable watches that he kept there in his home, as well as other jewelry and cash that the assailants would also have taken.

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Fati is injured and has to recover for several weeks, so he will be lost for example the momentous match against Benfica for the Champions League. However, he was present at the stadium to encourage his teammates in another key clash against Espanyol, the derby of a lifetime.

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The criminals thought the house was empty.  Reuter.

The criminals thought the house was empty. Reuter.

The thieves who decided to go to your home to rob you knew or at least assumed that the young crack was not going to be in your home. These types of strategies became quite common in Europe, where several assaults with the same modality against elite athletes have already been known.

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One of the last and most recognized was the one it happened to Ángel Di María, which in March of this year should have just started the second half when Mauricio Pochettino learned that criminals had entered his home while he was playing for Paris Saint Germain.

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The first versions had been really worrying, because they indicated that the family was hostage to the assailants and there was even some information that indicated violence towards his wife and daughters. Nevertheless, that version was discarded and they only regretted the loss of some valuables that were in the home and not physical damage.

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