They rule out the possibility that animals that died south of Las Grutas carried the virus

at last Dead sea lion found on beach south of Las Grutas ruled out avian flu infection.

Because until now it’s just still restricted For public access to Punta Villarino, Located in the coastal area of ​​San Antonio Puerto del Este (65 km along Route 3), the first animal case in the area was confirmed 12 days ago.

However The spread of safety measures has kept people wary, which has increased complaints about dead animals on beaches. Not just wolves, but other species as well.

“People are aware of the problem and they send us information about any animals on the coast that look lifeless. That’s why alerts are increasing, not because there are a lot of animals dying. But because everyone is paying attention to the situation” said a source related to the controlling agency.

It’s worth remembering expanded crisis committee Merge all coastal cities and announce first actionThings changed in San Matias Bay after the Villarino case was confirmed.

its about Tour activities suspended until further notice Includes a swimming experience with wolves, which one provider in the area will begin offering this month. This is also a major barrier to accessing the places where confirmed cases are registered.

return The presence of infected animals has been confirmed in the Rio Grande Mountains.

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