they say they have nowhere to live

The model disappeared from the media, and Angel de Brito offered some details about her life.

7:15 PM | Wednesday, September 6, 2023 | La Rioja, Argentina | Fenix ​​Multiplatform

Model Raquel Mancini is part of the celebrity group that comes from Aníbal Lotocki. This Tuesday, on the LAM show, they talked about the complex economic reality of the model, recognized as one of the country’s greats.

Testimonies from women who underwent surgery after the death of Silvina Luna began to emerge last Thursday, in which they exposed a video containing reality show photos of Anibal, who appeared in the The show takes care of Raquel. “I’m fine, I’m in very good health. I had pneumonia a few months ago, but that’s it”, Lanquel Mancini said some time ago in a conversation with Telenoche.

“Raquel was one of the people who underwent Lotocki’s surgery and she had a lot of health problems,” Angel de Brito explained. They followed up in a report explaining the artist’s current situation: “She lives with her mother and brother because she has nowhere else to live.”

Raquel Mancini. Photo: Instagram.Raquel Mancini. Photo: Instagram.

“In March, she was hospitalized due to decompensation at home, where she was unable to move her body,” they revealed. “Her career took off, but so did her health problems. She is said to have become addicted to the procedure,” they added, adding that Raquel suffered from a condition that nearly killed her.

Ruques denied by Raquel Mancini

Later, in Telenoche, Raquel Mancini clarified rumors about her financial situation: “I’m fine, I’m healthy. I had pneumonia a few months ago, but that’s it.” “I and My mother lives with me because she is 85 years old. She has a fall and is on crutches. She lives in a big apartment and I can’t leave her alone because she can’t lift anything,” she explained.

“We’ve always been a very close family. My dad passed away and the least I could do as a daughter, despite all the love my mother gave me, was to move, to be with her, to be with her. Not that I was On the street. Everything is normal. My life is like the whole country,” he concluded.

Rachel Mancini Raquel Mancini. Photo: Social Networks.

It’s worth remembering Raquel Mancini’s reflections after completing multiple surgeries: “If you’re sick, surgery is useless because if you don’t start by fixing your insides, there’s nothing that can help you get success. “

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