They seek province’s compliance with new national HIV law – Legislature TDF AIAS

Ushuaia, Thursday, October 5, 2023. – They recommended that the province comply with National Law No. 27,675 approved by the National Congress in 2022. The new code replaces the previous code that regulated the medical issues inherent in sexually transmitted diseases (ETS) and its approach is based on a human rights perspective. Proposals from FORJA, UCR and UP blocks have parliamentary status and must be analyzed in Public Health Committee No. 5 and General Legislation No. 1.

At the time of the sanction, several relevant organizations expressed their agreement as the regulation updates previous regulations regulating the medical aspects of patients infected with HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

The proposals put forward by different civil associations in the province were submitted to the President of the Legislature, Vice-Governor Monica Urquiza, and chaired by Federico Greve, Federico Sciurano and Emmanuel Te Lentino chaired the deliberations of the districts.

Positive Cycle Association; Group C; Argentine Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (REDAR); Union of Civil Associations for Human Rights (UDH) and the Popular School of Gender, Dissident Masculinities and Social Change believe that adhering to this national standard will contribute to the “AIDS A comprehensive protection system is provided for people infected with viruses, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.” They have the right to a healthy and non-discriminatory environment. “

They also believe that the text approved by the National Congress establishes a “clear and comprehensive system that provides tools in the health system, the education system and the community to guarantee social treatment without discrimination.” Furthermore, it establishes “Two core issues of this topic: special pensions of a special nature and non-contributory pensions, establishing a special retirement system for people living with HIV, which also applies to people with hepatitis B and/or C” .

The new national law bans HIV testing in pretrial examinations and creates a national Observatory of Stigma and Discrimination in which cases of discrimination will be documented and made public. Likewise, the text states that testing will be voluntary, free, confidential and universal.

In addition, access to treatment for viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections is also included in the regulations, within the framework of current laws and “subject to current political will”. It also provides a special retirement system for people with this disease.


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