They set fire to a patrol car after the suspension of a game in Chabás

A police cell phone was set on fire this Sunday afternoon after a match of the Casildense football league had to be suspended due to incidents that occurred during the match played in Chabas, Caseros department city located 80 kilometers southwest of Rosario.

The riots occurred during the clash between the Chabás Athletic Club and Casilda Hurricane for the pass to the championship final. The home team was leading 2-0 but the visitor turned the score around and went 3-2 just before the final whistle. This caused an altercation in the stands that forced the referees to suspend the match.

According to the witnesses’ account, the police had to intervene and to disperse the rioters, they fired shots with rubber bullets and fired tear gas. Once off the field, the altercation continued in the streets of the city, where they set fire to a police car parked outside the club where the game was played.

Although the car patrol burned rapidly, a situation that was recorded by a video taken by a fan with a cell phone, no police officers were injured. However, a policewoman who witnessed the incident had to be calmed down by her colleagues, as she suffered a strong nervous shock as a result of the violent situation.

The match between the teams of Chabás and Casilda, corresponding to the semifinal of the tournament, had to be suspended due to serious incidents that occurred in the stands of the local club’s stadium and which later moved to the outskirts of the stadium. There were assaults, roar bombs and invasion of the playing field.

Once the match ended, which ended with the victory of Huracán de Casilda 3-2, the disturbances between the fans and the police continued outside the field. In the vicinity of the stadium, a police patrol car was set on fire. While there were skirmishes between fans and police.

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