They show hepatitis vaccine shortage

Chihuahua – Both the National Health Service and the Chihuahua State Institute of Health (Ichisal) say shortages of BCG, triple bacterial hepatitis (DPT) vaccines stem from stockpiling by the federal government through uniform procurement And because of the cost cap, the state can’t buy them on its own because the price has risen so much.

The Minister of Health, Gilberto Baeza, reported that they take preventive measures to prevent children from developing diseases due to the lack of biological products, for which they have to exchange or donate with other health institutions to meet the needs.

The BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin and Bacillus Guerinian) vaccine helps prevent serious forms of tuberculosis such as meningitis or osteomyelitis. After application, a small bump (nodule) usually forms on the skin and scars where it was applied.

The DPT, or triple bacterial vaccine, contains diphtheria (for diphtheria) and tetanus (for tetanus) toxoids, as well as protein fragments from the bacterium Bordetella pertussis that causes pertussis, while the hepatitis B vaccine helps prevent the disease.

The health department recommends the use of these biologics within the first five years of life, as this will help boost their immune status and prevent the development of other diseases.

To date, the Chihuahua State Department of Health has the following vaccines for protection of children under 5 years of age: hexavalent, pneumococcal, rotavirus and SRP.

The goal of the Chihuahua State Department of Health is to vaccinate populations without any medical services, stressing that the supply of biological products for the vaccination program falls under the responsibility of the Federal Department of Health.

Baeza explained that one of the problems caused by this shortage is the uniform procurement of the federal government and the price ceilings that the federation sets for the procurement of medicines, because on the one hand, the federation is not enough to meet the demand and when the state tries to acquire biological products on its own , which found the exorbitant price to be unfeasible.

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