They Speculate Again on the Motherhood of Ricky Martin’s Children


The Venezuelan model Eglantina Zingg continues to be identified as Ricky Martin’s egg donor …

With the exposure of his twin sons Valentino and Matteo on TikTok, Ricky Martin is once again the subject of speculation about who is the biological mother of the children.

The international press has been questioning for years whether his best friend, the Venezuelan model Eglantina Zingg, would be the egg donor for him to become a father through gestational surrogacy for the first time in 2008.

As Valentino and Matteo grow up they look more like Eglantina, 39, so some media previously pressured the singer to confirm that she is supposedly the mother of the children.

Ricky always talked about the friendship he has with Zingg, and when asked who his surrogate mother was, he stated:

“I did not rent a uterus. That expression is used by conservative fundamentalists. Someone loaned me her uterus. I didn’t pay for it. I would give my life to the woman who helped me bring my children into the world, ”he said.

Not to mention that little Lucia, two years old, also looks a lot like Eglantina, and the artist’s fans did not hesitate to tell the singer this on her Instagram:

“Lucia is like her mother.”

“There is no doubt that Eglantina is the mother of her children. Very similar ”, commented a follower.


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