They stole over 50,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil from an oil mill in Córdoba

Investigation Clarifies Theft of Over 50,000 Liters of Extra Virgin Olive Oil kakabue millCórdoba remains open with the National Guard. So far, no one has been arrested.

The robbery, which took place in the early hours of last Wednesday, was condemned after the head of the oil factory noticed the theft of so-called “liquid gold”, a spokesman for the armed agency told Efe.

After the oil company contacted the National Guard, agents verified the theft and immediately began an investigation to try to identify those responsible.

Specifically, the Armed Research Institute conducted exhaustive technical inspections and attempted to clarify the circumstances of the robbery to verify the following: What type of vehicle is used to transport such a significant volume of oil.

‘Bulk’ theft complicates your tracking

The spokesperson also noted that the theft occurred in a market where the product was very expensive and that it was stolen “in bulk” (rather than in bottles), which could complicate its traceability or follow-up. Your possible sale.

According to the National Guard, the area where the looting took place was “sealed off,” so had to be forcedconsidering the amount of liters stolen, the author must have spent a lot of time doing this.

The theft of the oil took place at the Marín Serrano “El Lagar” factory, a family-owned business that has been producing and packaging extra virgin olive oil since 1968, and its managers continued on Thursday with the National Guard and insurance companies Contact as they the company has indicated to EFE.

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