They study if there are people naturally immune to Covid

The coronavirus It has been wreaking havoc in the world for two years now; However, despite the fact that the virus was able to reach the most remote corners of the planet, there are still people who have not been infected.

This is one of the great dilemmas faced by scientists who study the disease. There are people naturally immune to Covid-19?

Studies have been initiated on this subject, both in the United States and in Brazil. Researchers analyze possible genetic variations that could make some people so.

At University College from London, meanwhile, are studying blood samples from members of the health staff who, despite facing the virus on a daily basis, have never contracted it.

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Although the first analyzes showed that these people did not have antibodies against the coronavirus, they discovered other cells of the immune system, called T cells, similar to those found in the immune system of people who have recovered from Covid.

Like antibodies, T cells are created by the immune system to defend itself against invaders. But while antibodies prevent viral cells from entering the body, T cells attack and destroy them, explains the site Infobae.

Experts point out, then, that Covid antibodies can decrease in a matter of months, but T cells remain in the system for longer, allowing the virus to be eliminated before it has a chance to infect healthy cells or cause damage.

The UCL team carried out further tests on hundreds of blood samples collected as early as 2011, long before the pandemic occurred, and found that about one in 20 also had antibodies that could destroy Covid.

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Samples taken from children had the highest levels. The scientists said this is possibly because they were regularly exposed to cold-causing coronaviruses by mixing with large numbers of other young people at daycare and school.

Covid-proof immune system

The most likely explanation for a COVID-proof immune system is that, after being repeatedly exposed to another coronavirus, it can detect and defeat any mutated relative because it is by recognizing proteins found within the virus rather than on its surface, explains the aforementioned site.

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These vary little among coronaviruses. “Internal proteins do not mutate at the same rate as external proteins,” says Professor Andrew Easton, a virologist at the University of Warwick. Vaccine manufacturers have been trying to find a jab that contains these stable internal proteins.

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