They study possible bird flu cases: They recommend avoiding Komodoro and Radatiri beaches – ADNSUR

After the confirmation of two cases of bird flu in Punta Piramides, Commodore Rivadavia, Chubut province, the presence of a dead sea lion was confirmed on the 4 km beach, in Radatili Sea lion pups were also found, so it was decided to implement a series of precautionary measures against them.

Juan Jose Rivera, Radha Tilly’s government secretary interviewed ADNSUR said there may be cases of bird flu in the town.

“IThe appearance of baby sea lions like the dead sea lion that appeared in Radha Tilly is not necessarily bird flu but a product of the same tide, but we have to do something about it Any dead animals are positive and proceed accordingly”explain.

What advice is there for the public before a bird flu case emerges?

Regarding bird flu cases at the national level, Rivera noted that the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) has guidelines to be followed in the presence of moribund, suspicious or dead animals.

“In case of doubt, Take precautions, including removing dead animals from beaches and dispose of it in a special burial, with safe and hygienic measures for its collection and subsequent processing,” Rivera explained.

The chief emphasized the importance of electronicTo keep people and pets away from dead animals: “We advise against taking pets, especially dogs, to the beach. Avoiding chain contagion is critical. If you find a dying or dead animal, it is important not to approach it, not to touch it and contact the Food Authority, City Security bureau or directly with SENASA,” he stressed.

A dead sea lion was found on Komodoro Beach, and they are analyzing whether it is bird flu

About the circulation of the beach, Rivera He recommends avoiding this until further indications are received. If you are walking on the boulevard, it is recommended to keep pets on a leash to prevent accidents.

Advice from Comodoros before suspected cases

Commodore Rivadavia Undersecretary for Health, Gabriela Simonovic, Confirmed that a dead sea lion was found on the beach 4km away, SENASA is currently analyzing to see if this is a positive case Avian Influenza.

“The necessary precautionary measures have been implemented, including the installation of fencing. Based on the results of the analysis, we will be able to determine whether we are facing a case of bird flu,” he said in an interview Monday morning on Radio del Mar.

Santa Cruz sea lions find case of bird flu

Facing this circumstances, commodore rivadavia A series of recommendations were made to the public in response to possible suspected cases of bird flu.

➡️ Avoid people, vehicles entering and circulating the beach.

➡️When there are sea lions, please do not approach and avoid direct contact or approach of pets.

➡️Avoid direct contact with wild birds, only observe from a distance.

➡️Do not touch surfaces that may be contaminated with secretions or bird droppings.

➡️If you find animals showing signs of stress or death, please avoid contact and notify SENASA.

Proposal from Komodoro City Council.

40 sea lion deaths worrying: They investigate if bird flu outbreak

Are foxes at risk of contagion?

Can Foxes Get Bird Flu?

Rivera acknowledged the potential for bird flu in foxes and reviewed the problems in the area. “We have asked the Provincial Animal Administration Give us solution to handle this situation. We need authorization for capture and castration or other similar measures.”

“The number of foxes in cities has increased not only because of bird flu, but also because of poor waste management and the diseases they can spread to pets and humans,” he said.

Chubut: Peninsula Valdez bans activities with sea lions after bird flu outbreak

beach cleaning

The secretary of state finally mentioned the cleanup of Radatilly Beach, which was strewn with the remains of crustaceans after strong surf.

“Rada Tilly Beach is undergoing cleaning, especially given the amount of debris that has accumulated. The machines are currently working. A more thorough cleaning will take place when the tide stabilizes,” Rivera added.

The city has begun cleaning up Rada Tilly after a large number of crustaceans were seen during the tide.

Several blocks in Radatilly and Komodoro without power


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