They successfully completed the 2023 Kids Triathlon

Athletes aged 3 to 15 dominate the physical and technical demands of the competition in the Central Park of Mazatlan

Mazatlan._ 2023 Kids Triathlon Attracted dozens of brave athletes to come Mazatlan Central Parkto enjoy an unforgettable experience with the family.

This exciting running and cycling event showcased skill, stamina and sportsmanship, and the participation of the athletes from Ciudad del Carmen showed that sportsmanship runs in his blood.

“I love it, it’s a small event, but you have to work hard so that the next one goes. The place is comfortable, everything is safe, it’s a very comfortable event,” he said. Paula Castanedaevent organizer.

he Mazatlan Central Park It turned out to be one of the most exciting competitions, bringing together more than 20 participants aged 3 to 15, with the support of coaches, family members and sports authorities.

“It’s like a triangle, the parents, the authorities and the coach, and it only works if all three are working towards the same goal, supporting our kids,” the triathlon coach said.

The contestants in the 14-15-year-old group bravely faced the challenges of 1.5km running, 5km cycling and 1km long-distance running, unveiled the track and achieved the best results Dana Carolina Cordero22:05.78 minutes, women’s group, Alessandra Losoya Trujillothe men’s competition time is 19:37.38.

Master routes that combine the natural beauty of the region with the physical and technical demands of cycling, Lilia Maria Aladdinat 20:45.08, and Juan Carlos CalderonWith a score of 20:41.29, he dominated the 12-13 year old group.

best time

14-15 years old group

(1.5km run-5km bike-1km run)


1. Dana Carolina Cordero, 22:05.78


1. Alessandro Lozoya Trujillo, 19.37.38

12-13 year old group

(1.5km run-5km bike-1km run)


1. Lilia Maria Aladdin, 20:45.08

2. Valeria Canizares, 20:52.69

3. Regina Osuna Moreno, 22:21.49


1. Juan Carlos Calderon, 20:41.29

2. Alexis Pineda Villa, 25:44. 80

10-11 years old group

(1km run-4km bike-500m run)


1. Daniela Zarzueta, 15:41.03

2. Isabel Maria Valdez, 16:38.28

3. Andrea Zoe Alvarez, 16:42.14


1. Hector Efren Cuevas, 17:04.60

2. Emiliano Rosas Rodriguez, 17:20.28

8-9 years old group


1. Renata Osuna Moreno, 6:25.08

2. Simena Sosa Trujillo, 6:59.09

3. Adrila Gomez Gomez, 9:17.19


1. Santiago Pineda Villa, 6:55.48

6-7 years old group


1. Eve Samantha Stone, 7:06.58

3-5 years old group


1. Juliana Hernandez, 5:51.42


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