They talked before moving to Hawaii

Britney Spears spoke to her children on the phone before they moved to Hawaii with their father.

Britney Spears will return to speak with sons Sean Preston and Jayden a couple of weeks ago, according to Page Six, who spoke with Kevin Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan. However, it is not clear if the calls continued even after the boys moved with their father and partner to Hawaii. In fact, a few weeks ago, Federline moved from California to Hawaii with his kids, with the approval of a pop star who wouldn’t mind the move, given also the difficult relationship he’s had with his kids in recent years. The move came when Federline’s partner Victoria Prince got a new job.

Therefore, the news that I would like the singer’s two children to move without saying goodbye to her was refuted, on the contrary, lawyer confirms that there was a phone call “Probably a couple of weeks ago.” The move comes at a very difficult time, given that Hawaii has been hit by a series of fires that have destroyed part of the island of Maui, with a death toll of 55: it appears to have traumatized the two teenagers, despite the fact that they were not closely affected by the tragedy. hitting the archipelago: “(I) personally (wasn’t injured), but there are people in this area who are dying and their houses are destroyed, so it’s very traumatic,” he said. Six – obviously right now everyone is very sad about what is happening there with the fires and the victims, but apart from the trauma that comes with it, they are very happy to be there.

The relationship between the pop star and her children is not easy and like a year did not see each other, when cut off all communication. The tear also became a diatribe between the pop star and her ex-husband: “They were my joy, they were everything to me. I couldn’t wait to see them, they were what I lived for. They left. It was it’s like, “My heart just stopped beating?”. Honestly, I don’t understand how they interrupt me so easily. I don’t understand,” the pop star said after the breakup. In the TMZ documentary Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom it was stated that tensions had reached the point where by now Preston and Jayden weren’t even responding to messages, to the point of deciding not to see her again.

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