“They think it’s right and fair”: When Emma Stone revealed that her male colleague took a pay cut so she could get equal pay; says it’s “life changing”

Emma Stone, an Oscar-winning actress known for her exceptional talent, spoke about one of the most troubling issues for all working women – the disparity in their income compared to their male counterparts. However, Stone shared one touching experience on this matter. While talking with Out MagazineShe said some of her male colleagues took voluntary pay cuts to ensure she was compensated equally.

Emma Stone says some of her male colleagues are taking pay cuts for the sake of equality

Emma Stone’s candid statement addresses the long-standing pay gap between men and women in the film industry. While she did not reveal the names of the male actors who made this welcoming gesture towards equal pay, she emphasized that they did it because they believed in fairness.

Stone said: “So far in my career, I have had to cut the pay of my male colleagues so that I can have parity with them. And they do this for me because they think it is right and fair. This isn’t necessarily up for debate either: to get equal pay, people will have to selflessly say, “It’s fair.”

Emma Stone on Hollywood’s Quote System

Emma Stone delved into the intricacies of Hollywood’s payment structure, in particular the quota system. This system calculates an actor’s salary based on his earnings from previous projects. Stone explained how a male co-worker who believed in her equal worth by accepting a pay cut could have a transformative effect on her future earnings.

Stone shared, “If my male coworker, who has a higher quota than me but believes we are equal, takes a pay cut so I can match him, it will change my quota in the future and change my life. And that’s Billie Jean’s feminism, and I love that—she’s all about equality, man: equality, equality, equality.”

Stone didn’t just highlight the fact that men and women “are all the same, we’re all equal, we all deserve the same respect and the same rights.” Emma Stone’s revelation that her male colleagues are taking voluntary pay cuts to achieve pay parity sends a powerful message about equality and fairness in Hollywood and the workplace in general.

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