They urge not to self-treat flu symptoms

Fabiola Navarro/Missouri

General practitioner Teodoro Bojórquez Durán urged people not to self-medicate if they have cold symptoms because current flu medicines don’t work the same way they did before the pandemic.

He emphasized that cases of respiratory diseases have increased in recent weeks and it is important to see a doctor to rule out nasopharyngitis (nasopharyngitis is the most common disease) and the new coronavirus; in addition, because in either case, this disease has It’s highly contagious, so people try to prevent it from spreading.

The health professional recalled that despite the increase in coronavirus cases, most people did not develop complications due to the vaccine, but the same was not true for those who did not have vaccination plans.

“This is to prevent this from happening because they often confuse nasopharyngitis with the extremely deadly coronavirus, and today, fortunately, because of immunization, the vaccine, the symptoms are very mild. But some people are not vaccinated, They can develop complications,” he noted.

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