They value federal programs to strengthen production recovery

Today, Friday, November 10, at 12:30 noon, in the presence of national and provincial authorities, an intensification event of the federal program to strengthen production recovery will be held at the Congress Center of the Municipal Center of Grosse Bourg.

The initiative of the National Economy Ministry aims to create and formalize new job opportunities in the private sector, providing benefits to employers who increase workers’ wages.

The contributions are non-refundable and can be divided into up to 17 installments to employ 1,000 full- or part-time employees indefinitely.

The production structure of the province of Salta is based on a relatively diverse range of crops, mining and hydrocarbon products, which is why a proposal focuses on food SMEs, including dairy and meat producers; Crops, borate production , forestry and citrus industrial applications.

Benefits granted are calculated based on the regional weighted average salary specified in the regulations. The amount will be reduced.

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