They will take Fernando Botero’s body to Bogota and Medellin

Colombia will have the opportunity to say goodbye to maestro Fernando Botero as, through a statement, His children, Lina, Fernando and Juan Carlos, reported that they would take their father’s body to Colombia. For a final farewell.

Although it was initially said that all funerals would be held in Europe, The family decided to take him to Colombia, more specifically his native Bogota and Medellin.

Background: This is Fernando Botero’s favorite painting: Pedrito on Horseback

It is worth noting that the Colombian plastic arts genius passed away at his residence in Monaco last Friday (September 15) at the age of 91. Apparently his final resting place will be Pietrasanta in northern Italy.

There, in the municipal cemetery, The body of Sofia Varri, Fernando Botero’s wife for the past 40 years, is found Passed away a few months ago after a tough battle with cancer.

Maestro Botero and his wife Sofia Varri in Medellin in 2015. /PHOTO: JAIME PÉREZ MUNÉVAR

However, on the morning of Monday, September 18th, The statement came out His children announced the decision in it.

When will Maestro Fernando Botero be brought to Colombia?

“Initially we will take him to Bogota, initially on Thursday 21 September, then to Medellin and finally we will transfer his remains to Italy so that he can finally be with his beloved in Pietrasanta Cemetery Rest in peace with his wife Sofia Varry.”

Statement from the Botero Family.

Before all this, according to Fernando Botero’s children “The touching response of the Colombian people and the generous invitation of the authorities State, Departmental and Municipal Order and the National Assembly of Colombia. “

It is expected that in the next few hours, in Bogota and Medellin, Authorities provide details of tribute to teacher plastic arts.

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Fernando Botero visits the Antioquia Museum. /photo:archives

However, it is worth noting that the governor of Antioquia, Aníbal Gaviria describes what they hope to do during the tribute. Reportedly, definitely There will be space for topics related to music, religion, education sectors. “This has huge symbolic meaning for the people of Antioquia, people want to fire him“, explain.

Furthermore, he emphasized Stay in touch with the late artist’s children to coordinate memorial arrangements This will be held in Antioquia.

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