They work to simplify the diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis

In the framework of the observance of World Hepatitis Day every year on 28 July, a meeting is held in the Obstetrics Hall of the Regional Hospital of Concepcion. National and provincial references were present.

National Ministry of Health National Hepatitis Program Reference ParticipationColonel Emma; Director of the Provincial Sexually Transmitted Diseases Administration, Claudia Lucena, As well as physicians, biochemists and general professionals.

August Monroe, The coordinator of laboratory services at Concepcion Hospital said the aim of the meeting was to make diagnosis easier, faster and more feasible for patients: “The idea is to bring the health system closer to the patient in order to expedite diagnosis.” Diagnosis and be able to start treatment as soon as possible.

The most important thing to consider as a risk factor for determining whether someone has hepatitis C is that the person had a blood transfusion before 1991, when samples were not tested. In this case, they should negotiate. Other less common situations, such as drug addicts or people with tattoos, must also be considered.

“Our goal is to have diagnosis and treatment come not only from specialists but also from clinicians, and through a campaign by the Ministry of Health for the entire population, to investigate the disease. In Argentina, diagnosis and treatment are free and confidential,” Munro added road.

The plan is aimed at decentralization and avoiding bureaucracy. For patients, the faster the process, the better the outcome.

The professional also said that Argentina has the AYB hepatitis vaccine and it is necessary to increase the number of people who follow the vaccination program to reduce the prevalence of the disease.

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