They’ll have a million doses of flu vaccine

Seasonal flu vaccinations will continue through the second half of October, which also marks the start of the winter season as outlined by the health department.

Martha Alicia Romero Reyna, director of prevention and health promotion at the state Department of Health, said at least 1 million doses of the vaccine are expected.

This day is remembered every year and its purpose is to immunize people against the virus that affects the respiratory tract and can have serious consequences in some people.

“We still don’t have the exact amount of vaccine and we are waiting for the arrival of the same proportion of vaccine used every winter, starting in the second half of October,” he said.

In October and November, temperature changes begin, the thermometer drops and affects the population due to respiratory diseases.

State officials said planned vaccinations are being done in phases, with privileges for the immunocompromised.

“Those at higher risk of illness and death, children under five, the elderly, people with chronic diseases, people living with HIV and pregnant women are in a privileged position,” he said.

He recalled that the seasonal H1N1 flu was similar to the flu and peaked from October to March due to lower temperatures.

If the virus is not treated or prevented in people with low defenses, it can cause severe respiratory infections that can lead to pneumonia. (David Gonzalez/INFONOR)


David Gonzalez | Information Corporation

David Gonzalez | Information Corporation

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