They’re investigating whether there’s an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at a spa

A spa under investigation for Legionnaires' disease victims

Hot tubs are a known potential source of Legionnaires’ disease
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Jacuzzi of A spa has one benefit, but another not so great.The good news is they can accommodate a large number of people to enjoy. The bad news is that infections in its waters could become massive. The same thing happened at a spa in California.

Over the weekend, local health officials in California reported three cases of bacterial Legionnaires’ disease among recent patrons of the Zen Day spa in Richmond, including two deaths, according to reports. The spa has been closed while officials investigate.

when we talk about Legionnaires’ disease We are referring to a type of pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs) caused by Legionella bacteria. These bacteria are found in freshwater environments, although only under certain circumstances can they make us sick.

For example, they sometimes find their way into central air conditioning systems or other man-made water systems, including hot tubs. Once inside the body, the bacteria multiply and aerosolize, becoming airborne in tiny droplets that are inhaled by the victim. In addition, people can become infected by swallowing contaminated water that accidentally enters the lungs through the wrong pipe.

In any event, the Ministry of Health A suspected outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease was reported last Saturday after learning of two deaths on Thursday and Friday. In both cases, the victims became ill within days of visiting the Zen Day spa. Authorities also learned of a third possible case who contracted the virus shortly after using the spa’s jacuzzi in June, though the person eventually recovered.

After the case was filed, investigators collected environmental water samples from the spa for analysis, with results expected sometime this week. On Friday, officials temporarily closed the spa.

As experts point out, the vast majority of people who are exposed to Legionella will not develop Legionnaires’ disease, although some may develop a milder infection called Pontiac fever. That being said, once Legionnaires’ disease occurs, it can be a serious and life-threatening illness that requires transporting an infected person to the hospital.

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