“They’re not all Harvey Weinsteins”

IN morning showrow AppleTV+ the action takes place behind the scenes of a popular show, Jennifer Aniston plays a presenter who finds herself at the center of a scandal when her colleague (Steve Carell) is accused of sexual assault and “cancelled”. Throughout the series, her stance in this regard is always highly ambiguous, and ultimately draws a lot of criticism herself. Now life imitates art, especially after his latest statements.

During an interview with Wall Street Journalactress really thrown against cancellation culture, a term for a modern form of ostracism after outraged protests about facts that actually happened or even only supposed. He can’t take it anymore, he argued, immediately aware of the risks of being exposed:Probably I will be removed just for these wordsbut I don’t understand what it means: is there no redemption? I don’t know, I don’t put everyone in the same basket as Harvey Weinstein.“.

Jennifer Aniston herself does not hide the fact that she had an unpleasant experience with a Hollywood producer. sentenced to 39 years in prison for rape and sexual assault:I remember once he came to me on one set to introduce me to another. And I remember wishing we had one more person in the trailer with us.“.

Numerous other stars have spoken out against the cancellation culture in recent years, some of whom are directly involved in the issue. Woody Allen for example, he defined this “stupidity of our generation‘, claiming that in the futureWe will be ashamed. We’ll say, “Oh my God, have people really done this and accepted this?”“.

Doesn’t differ from opinion Johnny Deppa rare case when the plaintiff, following the verdict in trial of amber heard he manages to get out of the quagmire in which he was (between layoffs, etc.). “This situation is so out of control that I can assure you: no one is safe. None of you. No one behind these doors. Nobody’s safe – said Depp during the last film festival in San Sebastian – It’s not just happening to me, it’s happening happens to a lot of people. It happens to women, to men. Unfortunately, at some point people start to think that this is normal. Or that it’s their fault. But that’s not the case.”

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Source: Wall Street Journal.


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