They’re raising money for a retired man who suffered a heart attack in Puerto Rico

They’re raising money for a retired man who suffered a heart attack in Puerto Riconewspaper

Jose Maria Cid Alvarez “Chema” Born in Mérida, he devoted himself to the technical restoration of lasers.A month and a half ago, he encountered acute myocardial infarction Traveled with his partner, first to Miami and then to Puerto Rico.As if that wasn’t enough, later Pneumonia associated with multidrug-resistant bacteria often living in operating rooms.Since then, he has been admitted Federico Trila Hospital, a city in the state of Carolina, Puerto Rico.

His partner Ana Heredia, He did not give up seeking help, transferred himself to another Spanish hospital, and faced Politician’s ‘instinct’ after nearly 50 daysstarted without hesitation Fundraiser launched on to fund medical bills for a medical planebecause the insurance they signed up for the trip did not cover their illness.

This is how he told it on the social network, he also mentioned public organism Examples include the Spanish Consulate in Puerto Rico, the City Council of Merida and its mayor, Antonio Rodriguez Osunaheto the palace and the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez.

The event was hosted yesterday by Heredia with target of 300,000 euros, achievements so far 1,595 euros. Chema Sid’s life depended on some funding as only a medical plane could bring him home. As her partner explained, “Every time an activity is shared, Contribute to a good cause. “

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