Thierry Beccaro: the former animator of Motus says he “experienced a crossing of the desert”


Invited in “It begins today” on France 2, on January 8, Thierry Beccaro told how he had experienced a long crossing of the desert before taking the presentation of Motus …

Guest of Faustine Bollaert, last Friday, on France 2, Thierry Beccaro came to ensure the promotion of his new Youtube channel, “LVRTB The dreamed life of Thierry Beccaro” in the program “It begins today”. A few days ago, the former TV host posted 16 episodes of a series that features him. He explains about this new challenge to which he has measured himself: “It’s incredible (…) It’s a story that is similar to It happened near you”.

He tells of his long crossing of the desert

He who remained close to his audience after leaving the animation of “Motus”, assured this January 8 that the love that his fans have for him remains “the best gift”. And his success, Thierry Beccaro knows that he owes it to the program he hosted on the public service. He who initially thought to sign for “two months” only with France 2, remained there 29 years. About this work, he assures us that he hesitated for a long time and specifies: “I am going to take a program which did not go well in the afternoon, it will be difficult and then Nicole Covillers, who will become the producer. de Motus says to me ‘But come’ and there I make with a little tone a little pretentious ‘No games very little for me’. ”

A choice that he can no longer regret, so much he admits: “I really had fun but what I miss especially today is especially the people with whom I worked. Nostalgia, no I have not that. I only have good memories “.

Especially since before securing a stable job, Thierry Beccaro struggled! He says in fact that before, he “experienced a crossing of the desert”. And to add: “and again I will thank her because it is the one who will bring me to Motus”.

What future for the former animator of Motus?

In the end, after leaving his post in 2019, because he was getting tired of it, Thierry Beccaro had the leisure to explore new horizons. In addition to his activities as an actor, the TV star was appointed ambassador for Unicef, to fight against the physical and psychological abuse of children. Now, he leaves the doubt on a possible return and cowardly: “nothing says that I will not be found elsewhere”. Hope!