third dose will be placed by free demand in Jujuy

The Jujuy Ministry of Health announced that from next Monday, November 29and the Vaccination with a third dose against COVID-19 on demand for all Jujuy residents. They must have at least 6 months of application of both doses.

On the day of this Wednesday, from the Health portfolio they reported that starting next week they will apply the third dose by spontaneous demand to people of all ages who have completed at least 6 months with both doses, that is, they already have a complete scheme.

Third dose application in Jujuy

On the other hand, the health referents detailed that with a total of 1,049,906 doses of COVID-19 applied to date, the province has 600,832 people with first dose; 413,213 with full schema; 61 with single dose vaccine; 25,986 people with additional doses and 9,814 with booster doses.


They expand the vaccination of COVID-19 for all Jujuy on free demand

They expand the vaccination of COVID-19 for all Jujuy on free demand

Free demand vaccination

  • 1 and 2 doses from 3 years onwards

* Additional dose to immunocompromised people from 3 years and over 50 years with complete scheme from Sinopharm, 4 weeks (28 days) after inoculation with the second dose.

* Booster dose or third dose to health personnel, older than 60 years and, in the next, to the other age groups, with a minimum interval of 6 months from the second dose, therefore those who have received the second dose until mid-May are in a position to receive it.

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