Third killed by the coronavirus in Hidalgo was a doctor in the ministry of Health


The numbers of cases in Hidalgo continue to increase. In the final cut released by the governor of the entity, Omar Fayad, it was revealed that there are already 19 cases of infection confirmed by the Institute of Diagnostics and Reference Epidemiology (InDRE).

On the other hand, is revealed through the social networks of Fayyad that there are three people who have died as a cause of the coronavirus. This puts the state in second place of more deaths by COVID-19 similar to Jalisco and Sinaloa, just below the City of Mexico with eight dead.

It was also Omar Fayad in charge of posting that the third deceased person in Hidalgo was a doctor of the ministry of Health state. His name or title were not disclosed, but the message hinted that he was involved with the work of combating the disease.

“For him the recognition of the people hidalguense languages for their invaluable work. I express my most sincere condolences and support to his family. RIP,” were the words which they wrote on their official Twitter.

Omar Fayad declared through their official social networks that their test to detect coronavirus it was positive and immediately put in isolation within your home. In addition, it revealed that not stopped or will stop working in coordination with his cabinet to fight the disease.

The governor of Hidalgo noted, on the other hand, both he and the people with whom you have had contact, they have followed the protocols establishing the Secretariat of Health (SSa) to prevent the spread of the virus.

Tuesday 31 of march, shortly after 18:00 hours, Fayyad wrote in his Twitter that he is feeling better and thanks for the sample-support of the hidalguenses is that it has been able to move forward. He also asked citizens to stay at home with the family to protect yourself from infection or prevent the spread of the virus in case of being a carrier and not know it.

Other three health care workers were the victims of the COVID-19as confirmed by the head of the Health Unit of the Work of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Eduardo Robles at the press conference from the National Palace.

The official said that it has not been proven to a contagion of the disease by his constant exposure to the virus because of the work doctor; however, investigations are ongoing by the Institute.

The preliminary results indicate that one of the deceased was sick for a family member they traveled abroad recently. The second, was exposed to an outbreak of the virus, but not within the facilities of the IMSS. The third was a retired worker they no longer had a working relationship with the Institute, therefore, contagion had to be outside.

At the national level, the figures of infection by COVID-19 continue to increase. The reports of the Secretariat of Health confirmed that it arrived in 1,215 patients confirmed and a total of 29 deaths due to the coronavirus.

In addition, it was revealed the posting of 3,511 suspected cases, as well as to 6,282 cases negative and a total of 11,008 people studied. In a single day, pointed out at a press conference from the National Palace, were increased in 121 patients confirmed cases by COVID-19 in the national territory.

The Secretariat of health of the government of Mexico declared a public health emergency, the national on the 29th of march, then the increase in cases by contagion that now exceeds a thousand patients confirmed.

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