This blush is a favorite of over 3 million people (including Selena Gomez)

of one Selena Gomez It is a continuous climb. And not only in the world of music, but also in the world of beauty. The star who turned 31 on July 22 owns a cosmetics brand rare beauty, As per the latest reports, founded by the singer only three years back, it will reach significant turnover peak Bloomberg,

Continued growth and shocking numbers if you thought they were sold in 2022 3.1 million units of its iconic Soft Pinch liquid blushthe only source of income 70 million dollars, According to estimates, the figures will triple in the new year. The success and popularity were also fueled by social networks, especially TikTok, where the product has gone viral with videos and tutorials for correct application, and also thanks to Selena herself, who is super active on the brand’s Instagram page.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush It is hyper-pigmented and gives a beautiful natural glow to the face, with easily buildable colour. You only need a tiny bit of product for each application and this allows that tube of miracles to last for months. It is easily applied with just fingers or a sponge, resulting in a perfect consistency on the skin. It is available in 13 shades ranging from matte to dewy.

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Selling for around $23 in the US market and less than 27 euros in Italy, this beloved product features an indelible texture, enriched with pigments that release just the right amount of color and light and that blend instantly with the skin. For a very natural and unstructured effect.

after all, rare beautyNamed in honor of the title of the singer’s third album in 2020, it is a brand born to enhance one’s uniqueness and individuality, without filter, fabrication or superstructure. “I want everyone to stop comparing themselves with others and start appreciating their uniqueness. You are not defined by a picture, like or comment», commented Selena Gomez when she revealed to the world what was soon to be a real cosmetic empire. A range of products more or less designed to inspire young women to be confident in their individuality. “I wanted to create a line that would make anyone feel comfortable. In my opinion, people feel pressured to be like everyone else – I feel it -… sometimes it can make you feel isolated” said the founder.

Today, three years after the birth of the brand, Selena Gomez tops ranking of most loved and best-selling beauty brands created by starswith her extravagant case of blush, which hasn’t had such sales success since Kylie Jenner and lip kit that literally crushed e-commerce sold out in minutes.

The power of beauty (?).

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