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Nintendo is experiencing server down for nine hours on March 17, 2020 yesterday. As a result, the server Nintendo’s online switch could not be accessed by its users.

Some of the features that could not be used as a multiplayer game and eShop, reports The Verge.

Nintendo in the official announcement said, the server-happened problems, this is because Failure or turn off the lights, so that you do not use a server-online-Nintendo-switches can run with the better.

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Failure Occurs from 4:56AM to 1:45 P.M. ET, as a result of the entire the online server can not be illuminated and immediately get complaints that the game Mario Kart 8 can be played online at all.

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Apparently, not only Nintendo, the the problem on the server of the online game.

On the day of the week yesterday, Xbox Live is also to die for two hours. Gaming chat is also the problem of discord. This is the message that enough is not good, because everyone is subjected to isolation in order to have the Corona virus.

In addition, In the field of gaming, Microsoft Teams will also experience Failure the employees who work from home will make you feel annoyed. Fenomerna dying light is more or less caused overload because of the many people who have access to the server, because lockdown corona-virus.