“This day is memorable.” Anatoly Anatolich told how he gave his wife a car for Valentine’s Day

Anatoly Anatolich spoke about the most successful gift for his wife on Valentine's Day (Photo: instagram.com/yulattt)

Ukrainian presenter Anatoly Anatolich told what gifts he chose for his wife on Valentine’s Day . He called the car the most successful.

According to Anatolich, he often had situations when the gift did not fit. But, fortunately for him, this did not happen with the car. The host and interviewer told about this in a commentary to the Gordon publication .

“ The coolest Valentine’s Day is if you manage to surprise your soul mate, my Yula. The last time it was when I gave her a car, it was one of the coolest gifts I have ever made, and this day is memorable. And the unsuccessful one is also associated with gifts – when I give something that does not suit my wife. Now the car came up. But it happened otherwise, ”Anatolich said.

In her Instagram, the host’s wife Yulia Boyko published a photo in the car, which her husband gave her. This is a yellow Porsche Cayenne coupe.


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 Anatoliy ( real name – Anatoliy Yatsechko) is a Ukrainian TV and radio host, author of the YouTube channel ZE Interviewer. His wife, Yulia Boyko ( Yula), is the founder and manager of the YULA Company PR company. The couple has two children – Alice ( 2011) and Lolita ( 2013).