This fruit of the daily diet helps reduce cholesterol

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Eating apples that are not too sweet is an effective way to combat high cholesterol, explains research published in the journal Harvard Health.

Having a high cholesterol level in your blood can be dangerous. Although the body needs certain levels of cholesterol to function optimally, too much cholesterol can lead to clogged arteries and an increased risk of heart disease.

The best way to reduce those risks is to eat a healthy diet. There are many foods that help keep cholesterol numbers within limits. According a new study on healthy food, the apples are the best fruit to lower cholesterol in the blood. Why this fruit of the daily diet turns out to be so beneficial?

fiber is key

Experts attribute this effect of apples in part to the high dose of Soluble fiber. This type of fiber attracts water and turns into a gel during digestion, slowing down the digestive process.

For their part, the doctors at the research center Mayo Clinic affirm that the consumption of soluble fiber reduces the amount of cholesterol bad It is carried by low-density lipoproteins in the blood.

Apples, in particular, are rich in a type of fiber called pectin.

“Pectin, especially in apples, has the most pronounced ability to combat high cholesterol levels,” concluded the scientists whose study was published in European Journal of Nutrition.
in addition, Harvard Health reports eat a fruit like avocado It also has a good effect in lowering cholesterol. This fruit is a reliable source of healthy fats that can replace unhealthy, which in turn helps lower cholesterol levels.
Previously a research carried out by scientists from Italy and Bahrain found a combination of two natural products capable of lowering cholesterol levels. It turned out that a nutritional supplementation with two types of extracts, that of bergamot and the one of artichoke, managed to lower the levels of this lipid in the blood.
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Sputnik, for responsible health care

The opinions expressed by the experts in this article are shared solely for educational and informational purposes, and are not intended to serve as a universal medical diagnosis or treatment. Sputnik points out the need to consult a specialist before putting into practice any of the advice published here.


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