This happened today, September 9: it’s raining wine in Italy, Tory’s idea to bring children’s gangs to justice is already 7 years old.

Thursday, September 9, 1993 – Days after signing a historic agreement with the PLO Palestinians in Washington, the Israeli government is facing serious internal problems. Following opposition street demonstrations, the Supreme Court ordered Prime Minister Rabin to fire the interior minister and deputy minister, both members of the ultra-Orthodox party, on charges of fraud, corruption and falsification of accounts.
After the incident with murderous children’s gang uncensored, The British government is considering lowering the age at which charges can be brought from the current 10 years to 7 years. The fight against crime is one of the issues that most concerns the British population and Tory this could be the basis for a revival, and according to the British press, John Major intends to make this one of the main themes of the next congress.

According to James BeckProfessor of Art History at Columbia University in New York, and Wayne Andersen, Professor of Art History and Theory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, the three sandstone heads, which for many years were part of the interior of Pietro Carboni’s body shop, are the work of Amedeo Modigliani (an event that should not be confused with the 1984 event).
A thousand blue bubbles, a choral film that tells the story of several families living in a condominium in the Prati district of Rome, received record applause at the Venice Film Festival.

Monday, September 9, 2013 – The first day of work of the Senate Committee on Elections and Immunities, which will decide whether to repeal Silvio Berlusconi. And there is an immediate confrontation with the threats of crisis for the government.
Parliamentary elections in Norway, the first since the Utøya massacre in 2011. As expected, the right-wing coalition led by Ema Solber defeated Jens Stoltenberg’s progressives. Solbert is expected to lead the government in a coalition with an anti-immigrant populist party.
Italy recorded a sharp drop in its ranking on the United Nations World Happiness Index (a ranking that takes into account economic, social, political, health factors, etc.) over three years on a scale of 1 to 10. Italy achieved a C score of 6.021, losing 0. 69 points at the ranking level out of 156 countries, our country reaches 45th place.

Arson in Valsus. Three concrete mixers of the Imprebeton company, involved in the construction of the Turin-Lyon road, were set on fire. A fire at the company’s headquarters in Salbertran spread to a nearby workshop. A section of the Fréjus motorway is closed as a precaution.
Italian wine is reclaiming its place as the world’s leading producer from the French, with production expected to reach 44 to 45 million hectoliters this year, according to Assoenologi, compared with 43.5 million in France. Spain and the USA are far away. Our country set a world record in 2011.

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