This is a body oil with lavender ingredients to moisturize the skin

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beauty ingredients, which is almost impossible. There are many, and we like most of them because they help us with certain skin needs. Some of these are so-called oils that deeply nourish and strengthen the skin barrier.

There are many types of oils such as Argan, Monoi or Coconut. Although to this list we have to add another very stylish thing,

lavender oil. You must have heard of it, as it is one of the most famous aromas in the world. Well, now into the beauty world too.


lavender oil Known for its many benefits for the skin, thanks to its

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant and soothing properties. It can help prevent and fight bacterial skin infections. For this reason, it’s sometimes used in acne treatment because it can help reduce inflammation and breakout-causing bacteria.

It is also known for its properties of calming the mind and the skin.In addition to ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender oil is also a good choice

Relieves irritation, sunburn and insect bites.

The good news is, you can find an affordable product that provides all of these benefits to your skin.We have registered it in the cosmetic brand

chico milanwho launched a lavender oil that’s great for moisturizing the skin and promoting relaxation.

In the summer, we love to slather on body oil, and this has become one of our favorites.its about

Kiko Milano Create Your Balance Relaxing Touch Body Oil, €16.99. The main purpose of this oil is to nourish and brighten the body skin, making it soft and silky.

It’s an oil with a very comfortable applicator (similar to a serum) and has

smooth texture. Enriched with Lavender, Camellia, Avocado, Olive Oil and Vitamin E, its formula also contains suspended cornflower petals.

Body Oil Create Your Balance Relaxing Touch Body Oil by Kiko Milano /


Another great thing about this body oil is how quickly it absorbs. Once applied to the skin, it has a gel texture that spreads easily without any greasy feel. Leaves a bright and light look.Also, another thing we like

This is the scent of lavender.

It is very easy to apply. Simply add desired amount to skin and massage until absorbed quickly. We recommend using it at night because the effects of lavender can help you relax and sleep better.

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