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This is a drawing of Prince Henry and Archie that is included in Meghan Markle’s book.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue their lives in the United States, away from the British crown and everything that has to do with that institution. Beyond the controversy that stirred up his departure and the subsequent interview they conducted with Oprah Winfrey, where members of the royal family did not look good before the public, they are now in the news for a new project. This is the book of short stories that Meghan Markle is about to publish and which includes a surprise: a drawing of Prince Henry and little Archie.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not stopped working since they left the UK, regardless of the obligations they had had up to that point. His presence has been required in presentations and events, highlighting his work in solidarity actions. And it is that their public figure is highly valued in the United States, where they have become the center of attention.

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Prince Harry, in a recent image, during the Vax Live concert in California

Meghan Markle, who is about to give birth to her second child, which prevented her from travelling with her husband to London for the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, is about to present her new project: a book entitled The Bench (The bank).

The wife of the Prince Henry she wanted to make a children’s story that was born as a result of a poem she wrote to her husband on Father’s Day, as she revealed in the announcement of the publication last May. “The Bench it started as a poem I wrote for my husband for Father’s Day a month after Archie was born,” she explained.

Carlos, Archie and Harry

Carlos, Archie and Harry

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The book will be released next Tuesday, June 8 and as a preview has wanted to unveil one of the illustrations that are included inside. It is a beautiful drawing of Prince Henry on his back, walking hand in hand with his firstborn Son Archie.

“Dear Gray, from one father to another, all my love from my family to yours. As always, Meghan,” Gray Mallin wrote as a dedication next to the illustration, an image that has been made public and that gives an idea of the weight that both her husband and her son have had in the preparation of this book.

The drawing of Prince Henry and Archie that is included in Meghan Markle's book

The drawing of Prince Henry and Archie that is included in Meghan Markle’s book


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