This Is A Flood Of Leaks Regarding The Flagship Phone Huawei P40 Series



SHENZHEN Huawei P40 Series that will come, it will not bring Google Mobile Services (GMS), but mobile flagship this is and remains something the handset the most anticipated in the year 2020.
The announcement date is set on March 26, but we have a lot of leaks early, a great idea of what to expect smartphone the.

This Is A Flood Of Leaks Regarding The Flagship Phone Huawei P40 Series

Follow in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung, Huawei the publication plans of the three versions of the P40. Each model regular, Pro, and Premium version will be the highest member in the product range.

Of what the industry so far, the biggest difference between the third mobile is the camera settings. We can also see the variations in the screen sizes, but the leaks say it will happen.

Third the handset use Chipset HiSilicon Kirin 990 latest Huawei Mate-30 Pro today and Mate Xs. The sheet Geekbench leaked yesterday confirmed the existence of the Kirin 990 and the RAM to 8 GB on the P40. In fact, it is believed that some of the configuration, offer more RAM.

This Is A Flood Of Leaks Regarding The Flagship Phone Huawei P40 Series

Other specifications, such as the battery and the screen info detail is not yet known. There are a lot of rendering, images, and rumors about a camera, we can eskpos.

The leaked image shows all three parts of the body design of the back is the same. While in the future, we may see a curved screen on the Pro Edition and Premium bedding, while flat-screen adopted in the standard version.

You have to design punch-hole for the camera selfiebut the numbers are different, two in Pro and Premium, a in the unit P40 on a regular basis. Huawei is the choice between three types of material, glass, ceramic, leather-vegan to you.

This Is A Flood Of Leaks Regarding The Flagship Phone Huawei P40 Series

How about the kitchen fotogafinya? It is a setting, penta-camera for the Premium model, the module quad camera for the P40 and P40 with a three-camera rear.

Camera settings penta in the back of the P40 Pro Premium said two cameras zoom disconnect. Module periscope 10x can reach optical zoom with a focal length of 240mm, while the other Module is stopped, 3x zoom.

The main camera is also believed to be no less impressive. Huawei sensor Sony RYYB get-the on the P30 in the last year. But this time, the sensor 52 MP (1/1.28″) offers the pixel-Binning-Quad-Quad, this is a two round pixel binning when light is limited.

This Is A Flood Of Leaks Regarding The Flagship Phone Huawei P40 Series

Thus, a recording resolution of 3.25 MP, but also the size of the Pixel of the greatest on the is smartphone. Sensor 52 MP special Huawei is also reportedly larger than the sensor 108-bayer-Samsung-108 MP, the measurement of 1/1.33″.

There are also a number of additional sensors to help the camera -3D-ToF for depth sensor. Plus sensor for more accurate color reproduction.

Camera ultra-wide allegedly used a Sony sensor IMX650 1/1.5″ with a resolution of 40 MP, who branded as a Cine-camera lens. The technology was introduced to the honor V30 Pro, so it is safe to assume that the handset the camera is the native aspect ratio of 16:9.

While the P40 Pro to be satisfied with a magnification of 5x, as in the last year (focal length 125mm). Mobile set to the “main camera”, 52 MP, the same with the Premium and Cine-lens 40 MP for the photo ultrawide.

P40 on the other hand, is supposed to display the settings of the three cameras, the from the 52-MP main, unit ultrawide unknown and camera, telephoto 3x standard.

Although we do not know the battery capacity of the third Handset, the solution is partially revealed through the 3C certification in China. P40 supports the charging solution of 22.5 W Huawei, while the other two models SuperCharge supports 40W.
Speaking of price, Huawei P40 series called come, with a starting price of Rp14,4 million-16.2 million depending on the configuration. The last variant of the Pro-begin, will be published in the series of Rp18 million-20 million. While the P40 Pro Edition Premium Rp21,6 million and Rp23,4 million sold.