This is a Gmail extension that notifies you when emails are read

Gmail is an email created by Google Inc. that allows multiple users to send and receive mail. This tool can be used at work, school and personally.

Many people don’t know it, but the app has some hidden of them is Mail Tracking Extensiona system that allows confirmation and verification of sent or received messages.

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The version is free and you can easily download, All you need is a Google Workspace accounta tool for linking school and work accounts.

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By installing the extension on your computer, the program will notify you if and how many times an email has been opened. Tracking system managed by Mailtrack.

According to the company, Mailtrack’s mission is to improve email communication by integrating read notifications. The interface details are minimal, only a green confirmation mark is added.

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One of its functions is sending group emails. With it, you can easily track each participant and generate backups simultaneously, with more than 200 people connected at the same time.

Another tool is Link Open Tracking. That is, you will be able to know how many times someone opened the link you shared.

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How to Install Email Tracking

1. Go to the app’s official website.

2. Press the Install button.

3. It will redirect you to the Google extension.

4. Click Add to Chrome.

5. Accept and add.

6. The function will appear on your taskbar.

How to activate Mailtrack?

1. Sign in to your Google Workspace account.

2. Click Applications.

3. Select “Google Workspace Core Services.”

4. Click the Gmail icon.

5. Go to User Settings.

6. Edit the Read Receipts option.

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