This is Alejandra Silva and her family’s sanctuary in Mexico: a luxury eco-resort next to one of her most inspiring projects with husband Richard Gere

Alexandra Silva He spent the holidays in one of his favorite places in the world: Mexico. The Spaniard and her husband Richard Gereenjoying a few days of rest at home with their two children, aged four and three Quixmaraa luxury eco-resort located in Chamera-Quix Mara Biosphere ReserveOne of the first nature reserves established in Mexico on the Pacific coast Jalisco. “It’s always an incredible experience… We are in love with Costa Alegre, we are committed to the people, the coast, the forest and the animals here,” Alejandra Silva said in her Wrote on social networks.

in the role of the protagonist’s wife beautiful woman Alejandra and one of her children can be seen visiting an area in nature and observing dozens of zebras in the wild. In recent years, Quaker Samara has become a refuge from the stress of the Keel family.This is an eco resort A biodynamic farm, several private beaches and 40 rooms Divided into three villas, 10 private cottages and a main house consisting of four suites and bungalows. Each accommodation enjoys great privacy, its own beach and impressive views.

This spectacular property was conceived as a private residence by billionaire businessman Sir James Goldsmith In 1987 and a few years later, he decided to create a 35,000-acre nature preserve around it, employing a local population of about 400. The place today is a sanctuary dedicated to nature and also houses a restaurant that only offers products from the farm’s biodynamic farm, as well as products from other farms. San Antonio Manor, Also within Quaker Samara.

Always interested in nature and supporting the local community in their adopted home, Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere wanted to visit the neighbors of Xala, their shared The most personal project of the founder’s couple. Xala is a sanctuary for body and mind Defined as an “anti-resort”, it is a luxury sustainable residential complex located on the Costa Alegre, an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta.

For Kiel, this very special place fully respects the flora and fauna and supports the local community, for which several social projects have been launched. It covers 1,200 hectares and has eight kilometers of dreamy beaches where sea turtles can be seen laying eggs and a large mango plantation.There are several villas in it Three charming hotels with approximately 150 rooms. “Finally, I can tell you about this great project that we’ve been working on with our heads and hearts for six years, and it’s an amazing project that my husband and I are very proud of,” said Alejandra last three years. Month wrote on her network. .

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This summer, unless anyone knows, the family chose to stay in Mexico, where Richard Gere had to be hospitalized last February During a family vacation due to pneumonia.On other occasions, they have also been GaliciaLand of the Spaniards, even last year we saw them enjoying their holidays on a yacht off the coast of Spain ibiza.

nine years of love

since They started dating in the summer of 2014 The actor and the Spaniard were not separated after meeting again in the exclusive hotel of the Amalfi Coast run by Alejandra Silva. He has known her since she was a child because he is a friend of her family. they secretly married In 2018 and early 2022, they settled down in a nearby mansion. north salemLocated an hour north of Manhattan.The Georgian house will be purchased for around 11 million euros and belongs to Simon & Garfunkel’s Paul Simon.According to reports, it was built in the 1930s by a wealthy heir in the United States dirtwith a 13-hectare plot, a private lake, swimming pool and a main house with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a spa and a huge kitchen.

In addition, the couple was manhattanAnother 9,000-square-foot home in Connecticut where Richard Gere moved to start his career as an actor at age 20 is also a movie star officer and gentleman own a residential area Hampton.They both practice meditation and yoga Spanish woman converts to Buddhism When she began her relationship with the actor, the actor had been a Buddhist for decades and one of the Dalai Lama’s leading American disciples. Last November, Alejandra Silva experienced a very exciting moment when she finally received her US citizenship.

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