This is Augustin James, Salma Hayek’s hijastro, who vacationed with the actress in Mexico.

Salma Hayek, Valentina Paloma Pinault and Augustine James at the Time 100 Gala (Hello!)

Salma Hayek She is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses, not only in Mexico but also internationally, who can be both humorous in the big picture and dedicate herself to the production of famous projects, and who has an important place in it. Hollywood; However, given this, the famous 57-year-old should not show her love for her country of origin, which has tended to hate so much in her life. Valentina Paloma Pinoas in his hijastro, Augustin James with whom he enjoyed a simple holiday in the land of the Aztecs.

Via las redessociales protagonist Frida, Street of a thousand, From Twilight to Love or Magic Mike: The Last BailiffAs an example, I shared a series of photos and videos celebrating my visit to Mexico, and not only that, until I also assumed that my businessman husband’s boy Francois-Henri Pinault Accompanying her was the one who despaired of the unknown concerning the young man and where the good relationship between them both began, the famous teacher.

A 16-year-old boy, whose full name is Augustin James Evangelista Pinaultit is the product of the entrepreneur’s relationships with legacy brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga or Yves Saint, all with a Canadian model. Linda Evangelista. I will say this, there is only 11 months difference between the youth of Salma Hayek and her daughter, which is why they both have a close relationship.

Augustine James and Linda Evangelista (REUTERS/Gina Moon)

The reason why both sons of the French entrepreneur have a very short difference in life is that during the breakup with Hayek, Francois-Henri Pinault maintained land mine romance with the model; Without an embargo, the Mexican actress continued the relationship, thinking that the child was on the way. In this sense, I have transcended the fact that both women have a good relationship, because it is not surprising that a Canadian boy has a good relationship with his father’s current wife.

The famous native of Veracruz mentioned in various interviews that as a result of her relationship with a businessman, she found the opportunity to live with Augustin, a handsome guy who called her Augie. A boy who did not grow up in the fashion industry can also be accompanied by his mother on various occasions, especially in New York, so much so that he has gone above and beyond to have the ideal education and behavior of a shy boy, so much so that he calls her too. Please note that you are not aware of social issues.

Salma Hayek, Francois-Henri Pinault and bosses during Father’s Day (Instagram @salmahayek)

Model Linda Evangelista confirmed the past during an interview Wall Street Magazine who has been diagnosed maternal cancer, the one who takes care of her twice, taking her not only from the past, until she also finds herself in the role of a mother. It was thanks to this event that Hayek maintained a strong connection with the young man, who was now trying to defuse his love for Mexico and that only they both enjoyed holidays in our country.

After learning from my friend Salma’s experience, they both decided to enjoy the heavenly beaches Baja California Sur where you will have the opportunity to enjoy various parties, including coffee and chocolate. “Chocolate comes in all possible shapes and forms,” wrote the famous woman in red.

“Chocolate comes in all possible shapes and forms,” wrote the famous red one.

Several videos, just a few seconds long, show both vacationers enjoying parts of the restaurant. Jazamango, as the son of a French entrepreneur prepares to try one of the company’s own creations. Both videos were commented by the model, who refrained from using fres and chocolate emojis only to celebrate the fact that her son, like Hayek, is enjoying different experiences on Mexican soil.

Mexican actress Salma Hayek spent a holiday in Mexico in the company of her husband Augustin James. Photo: Instagram @salmahayek.

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