This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel offering rooms to survivors of Morocco earthquake

The tragedy that occurred this morning has shocked the country of Morocco.According to data Moroccan Ministry of the InteriorIn the early morning hours of Saturday the 9th, an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale occurred, similar to those that have affected the area. Central Region of Chile Last Thursday, September 7.Unlike the previous one, this one leaves more than 630 people died and 300 were injured.

Among those affected were several Spanish citizens. Erin SeshaIn order to better understand the situation after the earthquake in Morocco, s told the 24-hour channel about his experience: “We were in the middle of the medina. Our riad had been recently renovated and although it was greatly affected, it was not collapse. We put the mattress on ourselves. Dust keeps getting in and cracks keep appearing.”, she excitedly recounts how they overcame the situation.

For all the victims of this incident, after a very difficult night, they found it necessary to start mobilizing to leave the country or avoid spending another night outdoors: “We started looking for flights, Sold out in no time. We had to buy a flight worth a thousand euros to leave as quickly as possible. The same goes for hotels. We came to the new area of ​​Marrakech to find accommodation. Now we have managed to find a room in the Hotel Cristiano Ronaldo on the outskirts of Marrakech,” he said. Erin Sesha For news channels.

Another point Sesha wanted to emphasize to the media was the tragedy that had befallen the town: “Now we are very depressed. It’s too bad. We have been able to leave, we have a house in another part of the world, but we see children and families with nothing.. It’s painful. We heard sirens throughout the night. “They can’t handle it.”

Faced with problems of these characteristics, the embassy must take the next step to help the population, but this was not the case with Seixa, although Seixa has contacted the entity, they didn’t get any help: “We just wanted to know what to do. They told us there was no agreement. The Spanish people we gathered in the street were disappointed. They told us they couldn’t help us unless someone died. I hope we can come back soon,” she He said he felt greatly affected.

More than 18,000 Spaniards registered in Morocco At the embassy, ​​except for those citizens who are visiting the country.Currently, it is reported José Manuel Alvarez, Minister of Foreign AffairsThere is no confirmation that any Spanish citizens in Morocco were physically affected by the earthquake.

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