This is fruitipán, the “nutritious and sustainable” superfood that will replace bread in the future

he frutipán is the fruit of the bread tree Native to Oceania. Especially Latin America, including the Caribbean, Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. In Oceania, the country of Samoa specializes in cultivation. It also has operations in the Philippines.

it is scientifically known as ‘Altiris wood pineapple’ and be considered super food Due to its fruit comes with tons of health benefits. It is rich in carbohydrates and fiber and also contains many vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and lipids.

Frutipán, the superfood alternative to bread

Fruit can be weighed More than two kilograms Sizes range from 9 to 45 cm.Science thinks it can be bread substitutes Because in addition to frutipán, there are also similar taste, this fruit is easier to digest than bread and is rich in protein. This conclusion was reached by researchers from this research group. University of British Columbia A study has been conducted on mice that measured the effects of consuming ground powder of this fruit on the rodents’ digestion.

Research concluded that fruit protein Easier to digest than wheat protein. For this reason, they believe the fruit “could contribute to food sustainability for many populations around the world,” as study director Ying Liu explained in the academic journal Plos One. This is because only 189 grams of this cooked fruit consumed daily can meet more than 55% of human daily fiber requirements. In addition to 34% protein and other percentages of iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C, Liu reported.In the same interview, he also added, “Use breadfruit It’s nutritious and sustainable”.

Through this study, they were also able to verify whether the rodents consumed Fruitipán They grow older and gain weight Better than other mice fed other types of food.

There is only one tree between them that can produce this fruit 200 pieces and 700 pieces per year. Additionally, Fruitipan can be cooked in different ways. The most common are grilled, fried, broiled, steamed or baked. This opens up a world of possibilities, since with this fruit you can make French fries, stews, meats and even cakes.

It should be noted that all parts of the tree are used as Traditional medicines of the Pacific and Caribbean. They use the latex to treat sciatica, gastroenteritis or dysentery, the roots are used for dermatological purposes and the leaves can lower blood pressure. They are also beneficial in treating asthma.

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