This is how a caravan of Brazilians traveling on Harley Davidson through Misiones reacted and they were loaded with diesel instead of “gasoline”

A group of motorcyclists that came from Brazil starred in a mishap when crossing the border with Argentina aboard his spectacular Harley davidson, when in a service station They were loaded with diesel instead of “gasoline”, as they had requested.

The fact, which fortunately could be solved, occurred last Sunday in the Garupá town, located 17 km from Posadas, province of Missions. The YPF beachman received the visit of seven poplar motorcycles of the traditional American brand. Although, due to the type of vehicle, the fuel to be loaded was gasoline, the gas station clerk got into confusion When customers, from Brazil, asked him to fill their tanks with “gasoline”. In such a way, what the Brazilians had planned as a technical stop, became a big problem that forced them to delay the departure time.

He mistakenly loaded diesel to a caravan of Brazilians traveling on Harley Davidson

After charging, when starting the motorcycle, one of its owners noticed that the vehicle started to smoke and registered an engine failure. The effect is a consequence of the diesel is not a fuel that detonates in compression and is ignited by the spark of the spark plugs. For this reason, the engine stops inevitably.

The reaction of the Brazilians was caught by a curious person.
The reaction of the Brazilians was caught by a curious person.

The surprise of the motorcyclists was such that a curious person who was in the place approached to see what was happening and captured with his cell phone the reaction and complaint of the Brazilians, who with their nerves a little altered but with relative good humor, told what happened to the camera, and they maintained that they had been clear in asking for “gasoline.”

In turn, the young man also recorded the subsequent moments. It is that as it could be established, motorcyclists managed to purge the fuel tanks and reload them with gasoline. However, although they wanted to continue their journey, they found themselves unable to do so until late at night.

He accidentally loaded diesel to a caravan of Brazilians traveling on Harley Davidson video 2

What happens if the wrong fuel is added?

Gasoline engines cannot provide diesel the temperature necessary for combustion. If diesel is introduced into the tank of a gasoline vehicle, the engine will stop when the last drop of gasoline runs out and, due to its inability to process and burn diesel, it must be removed in a complex process that involves washing and cleaning the tank, injectors and other parts through which it has circulated.

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