This Is How Ariel Winter Has Her Hair, Now That ‘Modern Family’ Has Finished

Instagram | @arielwinter

When she finished shooting the series, the actress said goodbye to her dark hair and dyed it in a totally different color. A month has passed since then, and that is how it is going today.

  • In the ‘Modern Family’ seriesAriel Winter has almost always had dark hair, but she is a big fan of ‘look’ changes.
  • This is how she wears it now since she does not play her character, Alex Dunphy.

It happens to many people: they are great fans of experimenting with their ‘look’ – or adding accessories such as ‘piercings’ or tattoos – but their work does not allow it, so they have to camouflage it or wait for their vacation seasons to try things new. It is more or less what has happened to Ariel Winter who, playing Alex Dunphy, a model student who is very focused on her classes and career, had to give up her riskiest streak in terms of style, as she has commented in several times.

Ariel is a girl who loves to try new haircuts, colored tints, and, regarding her way of dressing, she has always opted for more striking and original ‘outfits’, something that is totally far from the role she has played for more than ten years. So now that ‘Modern Family’ has come to an end, she did not hesitate to say goodbye to her dark hair to make way for this new stage with a different color.

And the farewell was made official with this ‘post’ on Instagram:


The actress launched with an orange redhead – who has already worn it on another occasion – and who, in this month, has been evolving.

This new tone was also announced on her Insta profile:

And the last ‘input’ we have of her hair, was when she wore it in New York, on a visit she made to SiriusXM Studios just before confinement, with extensions!

And we can’t love it more: