This Is How Georgina Rodríguez Was Before Meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, According to Her Ex-Boyfriend

Georgina Rodríguez

The young man currently participates in the television contest “The island of temptations”

The only ex-boyfriend that Georgina Rodríguez has known so far has finally broken his silence to reveal what Cristiano Ronaldo’s current partner was like in his youth, a stage of his life about which only the details that she herself are known He has shared with dropper through various exclusives.

It is about a young man named Javi who is currently participating in the television contest “The island of temptations”, where he explained that the influencer and designer attended the same school and that they both had a teenage romance that came to light a week ago. In her memory, Georgina was one of the most beautiful girls in her environment, and also a very selective person who wanted to travel and travel the world.


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“We were both very clear that we were going to eat the world,” he recalled about his ex’s dreams before meeting the famous footballer. As of today, they have lost contact, but Javi only has good words for her and is happy to see her become “a woman with an incredible family” who has fulfilled everything she has set out to do. With whom he has spoken recently has been with his sister, Ivana, to comment on the commotion that the coming out of their old romance has caused. “These days we have written to comment on what happened,” he confirmed.


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