This is how Marjorie de Sousa looked before she was famous


The actress has had some changes over time. Can you notice them?

Marjorie de Sousa is an actress and former Venezuelan beauty queen admired by many. However, she was not always surrounded by fame as she had to start from the bottom. Her path through the artistic medium began on the beauty catwalks in 1999 and she looked as radiant as she is now but she has had some changes in her face.

In a video of the beauty pageant in which she participated when she was only 19 years old, it can be seen that the actress has always had a spectacular figure, however, when she was young she looked something different from how she looks now since obviously there were changes in her nose.

In that contest, the now actress did not appear in the ten semifinalists, however, this was only one more step in her career as she later began her preparation as an actress and appeared in soap operas such as Lovers of the Moon and Wild Cat.

Among some of the scandals that she has gotten, the great lawsuit she starred in with her ex Julián Gil stands out, after reaching the courts and taking away her son’s parental authority.