This is how the best paid models in the world dress

They are famous, rich and beautiful. But the three highest paid “top models” in the world not only share these three characteristics: they also show every day that they know fashion and that their styles are becoming a trend.

So, if you want to be inspired to renew your wardrobe, here are the keys to the styles and “looks” of Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen.

Kendall Jenner: fashion asymmetry


According to the “top” of the best-paid models, published by media such as Lecturas magazine, the young woman from the Kardashian-Jenner clan has earned $ 22.5 million, which places her as the first on the podium. At the age of 25, she has also been appointed creative director of the firm FWRD (Forward).

The fame of the leading model in money is also reflected in her style of clothing, versatile, but always showing off her beauty. From bold yet elegant sheer dresses to sheer fabrics like velvet or satin, Kendall Jenner knows how to dress with class.

However, she also sometimes wears a much more casual style, such as jeans of all kinds (in summer we have seen her with white jeans), asymmetrical tops, biker shorts, or curtainside tops with bullfighters.


Already famous is Bottega Veneta’s striking neon green dress, whose fabric is reminiscent of beach towels. Or the tight midi dress with a pencil skirt, also green, asymmetrical and with cut-out details, short sleeves and ruffles that she wore at a party with the next model on our list.

A nude-style makeup in olive tones, cream sandals with square toe heels and nude heels, and hoop earrings complemented her image along with a simple and natural updo.

Because another recurring detail in Jenner are those “make up no make up” (makeup with which you seem not to have made up), although other times she dares with striking shadows and colors that enhance her beauty.

Karlie Kloss: ‘oversize’ and comfortable


The second highest paid model, Karlie Kloss ($ 13 million, 29 years old), coincided with Kendall Jenner at the “818 day” party to commemorate Kim Kardashian’s eponymous tequila brand, held at The Hamptons.

The light blue, like a cloudy sky, that Karlie Kloss wore contrasted with the apple green of Kendall Jenner’s suit. Karlie also chose a midi type, specifically from the SS21 collection by Jacquemus, which she combined with strappy sandals and cream-nude color with a straight heel.

With long knuckle-length sleeves and thumbholes, a boat neckline, dark brown adjustable straps and vertical lines, the Kloss dress costs around $ 640.

And is that dresses are a recurring garment in Karlie’s wardrobe. For example, it has shown that black dresses never go out of style. But she dares with all of them, with styles more vaporous and regal than her partner: red with flare, white with a cape, or more sober black and burgundy with green transparencies than Jenner’s.


Although in summer, Karlie has also given way to shorts. And it has even dared with the “oversize” (loose as one size higher) or “comfy” (comfortable) fashion that the quarantine made fashionable. Because the lavender suit with a wide shirt and shorts, like poplin, reminiscent of summer pajamas, has caught the spotlight this August.

Of course, combined with luxury accessories such as a Gucci bag (the Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag, which costs about $ 1,600) or Yves Saint Laurent sandals (the Tribute mules, with a value of about $ 590), both in black. . Because “confident” fashion is not at odds with glamor.

Chrissy teigen


Half American, half Thai, Chrissy Teigen, wife of singer John Legend, at 35, occupies third place on the podium of the highest paid “top models” with the figure of 11.5 million dollars.

And once again, we are facing a model with its own style that we see wearing all kinds of dresses: aquamarine vaporous fabrics, the elegance of black with side openings, silver with rhinestones, white with crochet openings, striped tailcoat jumpsuit … A whole melting pot of elegance.

This same year, at the Grammys to which she accompanied her husband (who was to receive the award for best R&B album for “Bigger Love”), Chrissy wore an Oscar de la Renta model that caused a sensation: an asymmetrical dress and mini velvet and side train in burgundy.


In spring, she dared with white wigs, pink dye, extensions … To, more recently, cut it to the “bob”, and return to her light brown with blonde Californians. A hairstyle that was inspired by Kourtney Kardashian.

In summer, she burned the “likes” button on her Instagram with a “movie” dress, pink with red polka dots from Aläia that winked at Clueless (1994). And she has also appeared on the same social network with a white dress inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

Of course, like her colleagues, she knows when to leave the dresses in the closet and go for casual and urban styles, proving, like Jenner and Kloss, that shorts are the fashion item while the sun lasts.

Text: Nora Cifuentes.


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