this is how the myth of Hermès Niloticus Himalaya, the most expensive bags in the world, grows –

The Milanese theft at the Hermès boutique has returned to the news one of the most famous and expensive bags in the world – the Himalayan Birkin model made of crocodile skin. Together with another model, Kelly, she is considered a real cult object, and behind this forbidden dream of many fashion lovers (even gentlemen like her), the most fashionable celebrities proudly flaunt. Among the lucky few Jennifer Lopezfamilyto the Kardashians (Kim is crazy about Birkin) e Victoria Beckham.

An exceptional example of this bag is proudly featured on Christie’s, in matte Niloticus Hymalaya Kelly crocodile leather with 18k gold details and diamonds. Estimeyt from 200 to 300 thousand euros.

Kelly Himalaya was voted the most expensive bag in the world in 2020 when she was beaten at an auction in Hong Kong for 437,330 dollars (365,545 euros). The record, among other things, was broken in May 2021, when Christi’s sold another copy (Kelly 28) for 464,000 euros. The answer lies (besides the power of marketing) in its painstaking construction. it’s a wearable piece of art, the result of artisanal techniques that the label keeps secret. This quality, as well as showing off and utility, is also highly valued in luxury today and adds even more value to the mythical bag.

– Grace Kelly with her Hermès bag

Meanwhile, the materials: Himalia (Birkin and Kelly) are made from Nile crocodile with details in precious metals like palladium. The smoky gray fades to pearly white, reminiscent of the majestic snow-covered mountain range. The dyeing process takes a long time and becomes more difficult as the shades lighten: it requires the craftsmanship and expert eye of the Hermès masters, the fashion house says, recalling that this is a very delicate process, developed in the 2000s and started in the 90s . The material makes them even rarer and even more controversial: Crocodylus niloticus, a reptile that lives on the banks of the Nile, is considered an endangered species, so the export of its skin is strictly regulated and banned in some countries. like ivory and coral. Elements that increase collectors’ interest in vintage items.

– Kim Kardashian with Birkin

After all, Kelly and Birkin, even in the leather version, remain the most copied in the world. It was Princess Grace Kelly, a master of style with a remarkable love for what was once known as a handbag, who made Kelly a symbol of ultimate elegance. Sac a dépêches. Shy and newlywed, she didn’t want her pregnancy to be known right away and used her favorite Hermès bag to hide her secret. Photography went around the world and for everyone became a “Kelly bag”. Special issues for the richest and most successful women.

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