This is how the mythical return of Willem Dafoe occurred in the movie “Spider Man, no way home”

William James, known as Willem Dafoe is an American film and stage actor, co-producer, and founding member of the theater company The Wooster Group. Considering that he had many Oscar nominated works, he voiced characters from Fantastic Mr. Fox, Finding Nemo, and Nathan Dawkins in the video game Beyond: Two Souls. in the latter, his face was also used to characterize the character and his voice was used in the Twelve Minutes game.

One of the characters they liked the most in Marvel’s “Spider Man, no way home” saga was the role of the “Green Goblin” starring Wlillem dafoe. Along with the character of “Doctor Octopus”, played by Alfred Molina, both were taken into account from the beginning by both the director and the producer of the film.


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