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This is how the price of Bitcoin moves in the main markets of Latin America

In a week full of optimism in both traditional and alternative cryptocurrency financial markets, fueled by the approval of funds from the US Senate for the billion-dollar infrastructure plan in the world’s leading economy, the price of bitcoin has not stopped growing even in the markets of Latin America.

The optimistic sentiment hovering around what the bitcoin price could be achieving in the next few days after crossing its 200-day moving average, a strongly bullish signal; It has further strengthened its position against the weak local fiat currencies of the Latin American region.

Let’s review how the price of the main reference asset of the crypto market performs in the main economies of the region.


In Argentina, the price of bitcoin has experienced a significant jump in the last 24 hours. According to data from Ripio Exchange, at the time of writing this post More than 8 million Argentine pesos (ARS) are needed to acquire a bitcoin, a daily variation of + 3.61%.


Colombia has also had a gigantic jump in the last week in terms of the price of Bitcoin. With a + 12.3% variation in the last seven days, bitcoin is trading above 170 million Colombian pesos (COP).


The southern nation is no exception in the excellent performance of the bitcoin price in the region. The reports that come from Buda.com point out that the price of the digital asset has experienced a similar jump in the last week to that reported from Colombia, + 12.5%

With almost five percentage points of increase in their daily price, Chilean residents need about 36 million chienos pesos (CLP).


The Aztec nation has also seen a growth in the price of bitcoin relative to its local currency, the Mexican peso (MXN.

Bitso Exchange points out that bitcoin is currently trading at about $ 917,500.86 MXN, a growth of + 6.10% in the last seven days.


For the second week in a row, political turmoil in Peru is wreaking havoc on its local currency, the Peruvian Sol (PEN).

Buda.com points out that the price of bitcoin is close to trading above the 200,000 PEN barrier, after growing significantly in the last seven days + 15.7%, being one of the highest growth rates in the region.


In the former Saudi Venezuela, the price of bitcoin has surprisingly not rebounded beyond its peers in the region, in terms of percentage growth.

Airtm points out that 1 BTC today is equivalent to just over 211 billion Sovereign BolĂ­vares (VES), a growth of + 2.41% in the last seven days.

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