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This is how the singer looked in her first music video

22 years ago Jennifer Lopez catapulted to fame with the video for “If you had my love”

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most acclaimed artists in the world of music and acting. Throughout her career, the singer has achieved great successes that have positioned her for more than three decades in the art industry.

At the end of the 80s, Jlo had already started his career in film and television. It was in 1999 when he was 30 years old when he released his first single, entitled “If you had my love” that was positioned in the first position of the Billboard Hot 100.

Jlo looks fantastic at 52 – Photo: Instagram @jlo

In her first video, the actress showed off her Latin side with different outfits in white. Renowned American actor Adam Rodríguez, remembered for his participation in “CSI Miami” or “Jane the Virgin”, was part of the production in the role of an obsessive man who did not lose sight of the singer through cameras of security.

Although 22 years have passed, it is amazing how the singer has remained almost the same at 52 years. Jennifer Lopez has demonstrated throughout her career her commitment to taking care of her body. Not only does she have a strict training routine, she has also shared taking care of her skin with Jlo Beauty, her own brand of skincare.

Jennifer Lopez premiered the acclaimed video when she was 30 years old –
Photo: Youtube

To be her first video, the singer won the camera with her imposing presence. In aesthetics we can see a balance between the different styles of the 90s and 2000s. The arrival of the new millennium was characterized by metallic and blue ranges present in the video clip.

Andrea Lieberman, the singer’s stylist at the time, revealed that as it was her first music video, the intention was for it to convey her power as an artist. “At that time, video seemed crucial to us in order to establish it in music and begin to create a style for it as an artist,” he said. “We tried to define every aspect of those elements that both then and now make it so unique. He is not a single character, he has depth and richness, ”Lieberman added later.

In her first video the singer was already wasting her great talent –
Photo: Youtube

Throughout the audiovisual piece, the singer wastes different outfits in light colors, from baggy pants, sweaters, croptops, dresses, among others. From that moment Jennifer demonstrated her great versatility, both in fashion and as an artist.

However, Jlo did not abandon her urban touch in “If you had my love”, in the most moved part of the song the singer connected with her Latin roots and transformed with a more informal look with blue cargo pants, a top black tight to the body and tennis shoes

During the video the singer showed off different styles –
Photo: Pinterest

“The shoes are AirMax!” Revealed Lieberman. “I think the cargo pants were from Ralph Lauren and the dress from Versace.”

Finally, one of the most characteristic details of the singer still today are the popular hoop earrings, which from the beginning became one of her iconic accessories.

With information from Vogue

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